Sunday, November 21, 2010

Butterflying in North Carolina by Shelby Heeter

Black form of a female Eastern Tiger 
Swallowtail was new to us. 
See the article in the Summer 2010  
American Butterflies magazine for 
more information on this 
interesting mimicry.

Traveling butterfliers can get lots of help from NABA. Last August, in anticipation of some vacation time in North Carolina, we studied  the most recent NABA count publication as a guide to likely hotspots, annual counts that we might join, and local butterfliers who might give us some guidance. Indeed, we found ourselves out with a nice and knowledgeable man, Doug Johnston, who took us to three locations we'd never have found on our own, plus his own house, as part of the Buncombe County, NC annual NABA count. The three of us recorded 46 species, some of which were new ones for us. We were also given directions to specific locations for Diana Fritillaries and Green Commas, both of which we saw. We got some good photos, met some really nice people, and had loads of fun. 

Silvery Checkerspot

Male and Female Zabulon Skipper. 
A well marked skipper, common to the area, 
was also new to us.

A rare Creole Pearly-eye that we found 
in our cottage the first day in town.

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